The Trap Of A Negative Mind!

Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?
— Julia Cameron

How many times have you found yourself dwelling on negative thoughts!?
We all have and we all do unfortunately. Even the most positive person living will feel negative once in a while, therefore it is extremely important that we train our minds to find the positivity that stems from negativity – and yes that can happen! You just need to train yourself!

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It is a mindset thing so it is something you need to teach yourself- something we will cover in another blog! 🙂

For the scope of this blog, we shall speak of the trap of a negative mind.

You’d be amazed at the power negativity has. Once it takes hold, it’s easy to spiral into a cycle of negativity.

There’s power behind negativity. It’s able to quickly multiple when someone starts the ball rolling, similar to a snow ball effect.

Just think of a time when you entered a room happy only to have someone state a complaint. It was easy to join in and find something to complain about, wasn’t it?

Have you also noticed how people come online to complain about something over praising something? It is far too easy to do! I am guilty of it myself!

  • No one enjoys being around a negative person: Do you know any negative people? Take a look at their life. Do they have a lot of friends? Are they experiencing much success? Probably not. It’s hard to be around a negative person. They sap the energy from the room and replace it with a despair. Eventually killing any joy. Negativity repels people and reduces the amount of influence you have.
  • People become afraid of you: If you’re always negative and shooting down ideas, people are going to become afraid of you. People will just avoid you, like I said above, no one enjoys being around a negative person.
  • You’ll get tuned out: As you pile on the negativity, people begin to tune out. The constant barrage of negativity creates a wall. And you’re on the silenced side.

Negativity is a state of mind you need to cut, especially if you are looking to be a successful leader!

Don’t be negative!

Learn to speak, think, surround and hear of positive only, it will be a challenge but it really will change your life and your business!

Do you suffer from negativity? What do you do in order to combat negativity? leave a comment below!

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Roses and Thorns – The 3/97 rule used by the successful

In Harvard University, researchers demonstrated the following,

“The 3% of students who wrote down their goals out earned (outperformed) the remaining 97% combined who did not write down their goals”

An informal study was taken out to study individuals who had reached the top of their fields and clearly differentiated themselves as being the best.

As these individuals were studied, it was quickly realised that they all had one thing in common: they were all extremely specific about the things they wanted to achieve. In fact, in addition to writing down their goals, these were individuals who visualized themselves achieving their dreams on a daily basis. Not on an occasional basis….but EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The burning desire to achieve never died. It was always kept alive by continuous affirmations, keeping positive and goal setting on paper- not just in the mind.



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Roses Or Thorns – The mindset for success


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Which way do you see it?
”Beautifully scented Roses with thorns or painful thorns in a bed of innocent looking roses?”

It is all in the mind. The world has to have a balance of positive and negative and hence you will find people who will differ in opinion. If everyone had the same opinion in regards to everything, there would be no diversity.

However you can not build your success on the foundation of a negative mind. If you never feel down, you are either lying to yourself or do not have any emotions! The key is how to uplift your mood and keep your thoughts positive!

So here it is….

Top Tips to stay positive in a negative world,

  • Know that there is a reason behind everything, nothing happens without a reason, a meaning. Even if you do not know it. Just believe it!
  • Do not dwell on the past, unless you are looking back to see how far you have come!
  • If you fail in something, find the opportunity in it! Is it a wake up call to better yourself in this field until you get it right. Even then it is always a learning game. There is no such thing as ‘perfect perfection’.
  • Have a goal board with dates so they are not merely wishes. Keep this within eye sight when you wake up- have a board up in your bedroom at eye level with pictures and as a screensaver!
  • Repeat your positive affirmations at the start of your day!
  • listen to positive videos on YouTube while you get ready for your day and before you sleep. This tip is key! In a negative world you need to have a constant boost of positivity to combat it.


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